2018 Meetings

Lydiard Millicent Parish Council usually meets monthly, on the first Thursday of each month, at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall. Details of planned meetings for 2018 can be found below. Please check before attending a meeting as dates and times do change.

Meeting agendas, and any relevant appendices will be available at least 3 working days in advance of the meeting.

Details of any extraordinary meetings will also be posted below.


Date of Meeting Location & time Agenda Appendices Minutes
4th January 2018 Parish Hall 7.30pm January 2018 Agenda

App A

Draft Budget

January 2018 Draft Minutes
1st February 2018 Parish Hall 7.30pm February 2018 Agenda

App B

App C

Febuary 2018 Draft Minutes
8th March 2018 JCH 7.30pm March 2018 Agenda

Risk Assessment

Purton Neighbourhood Plan

Report from Mollie Groom 

(received late & not discussed in meeting)

Parishioners' QT Report

March 2018 Draft Minutes

29th March 2018

Extra Ordinary Meeting

Parish Hall 7.30pm EOM Mar18 Agenda

Report from Clerk

Report from Open Spaces WG

(downloads as a pdf)

  Minutes March 2018
5th April 2018 Parish Hall 7.30pm  April 2018 Agenda

Appendix A         Appendix D

Appendix B         Appendix E

(downloads as a pdf)

  Minutes April 2018

Public Question Time

17th May 2018 (Annual Meeting) Parish Hall 7.30pm  May 2018 Agenda 

Appendix B               Appendix C

 Appendix D              Appendix E



   Public Question Time


7th June 2018 Parish Hall 7.30pm



 Appendix A      Appendix B

 Appendix C


Public Question Time

28th June 2018

Extra Ordinary Meeting

JUBILEE CLUB HOUSE  Agenda Finance WG Recommendation  Minutes
5th July 2018 Parish Hall 7.30pm  Agenda



 Draft Minutes

2nd August 2018


23rd August 2018

Jubilee Club House









  Draft Minutes

   Draft Minutes


13th September 2018 Jubilee Club House 7.30pm   Agenda



  Draft Minutes
4th October 2018 Parish Hall 7.30pm   Agenda

 Appendix A

  Planning App


1st November 2018 Parish Hall 7.30pm  Agenda

 Appendix A      Appendix B

 Appendix C      Appendix D

 Appendix E       Appendix F

6th December 2018 Parish Hall 7.30pm   Agenda 

  App A    App A(1)    App B  

  App C    App D     App E

  App F     Draft Budget Options