Community Lorry Watch


Are you concerned about heavy goods traffic on our roads?

Many residents are.  Road traffic and safety are some of the most common issues raised by parishioners.
There are weight restrictions (7.5 tonnes) on most of the roads in the parish. Heavy vehicles are only allowed to travel along these routes for pick up or delivery, otherwise the roads are considered unsuitable. Large vehicles using these routes can create serious safety hazards for other road users including pedestrians.  However, feedback tells us that these local restrictions are often flouted.
The Parish Council has decided to collect data about potentially offending vehicles.  It has no power of enforcement itself.  However, it hopes to improve observation of the relevant restrictions by reporting and by contacting the vehicles’ owners.  Ultimately, this may also help put pressure on the relevant authorities to act against persistent offenders.

If you see a heavy vehicle you think is breaching the restriction, please report it to Councillor Phil Shepherd by email at 

Phil will need the following details to follow up effectively - 

• vehicle registration
• owner’s details from the vehicle side
• date and time
• location and direction
• A photo is a bonus but not essential.

If these details are placed on the Lydiard Millicent Community Facebook page, there’s no need to report by email as Phil will pick the details up from the Facebook entry.

Reporting has got more difficult for us locally; in recent months Trading Standards were the enforcing authority, this ceased in May.  However, we understand Wiltshire Police may reignite the scheme later this year.

Watch this space.