Parish Council

Lydiard Millicent Parish Council has seats for eleven councillors, who local residents have the opportunity to elect every four years.  If there are less than eleven Councillors at any time, and residents do not request an election, the Council will co-opt from the Parish.

Full Council meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 7.30pm in Lydiard Millicent Parish Hall situated opposite the church; council meetings are all open to the Public.  Everyone is invited to come along, listen to the debate and hear first hand decisions made by the Councillors. Only members of the Council are entitled to speak at this time, there is to be no interference from the public gallery.  Occasionally members of the public will be asked to leave the meeting; by the Chairman where someone is refusing to sit quietly to listen, or by resolution of the Council when matters of a confidential nature are due to be considered. 

Before each Full Council meeting a period of time is set aside to hold a Public Question Time.  This gives residents and members of the public an opportunity to ask questions or make comments to Councillors.  Although this question time is mainly set aside for parish council related issues, residents have always been able to raise issues concerning the Unitary Authority, or other Service Providers as well – with members of the Council acting as a signpost.

The monthly meeting is a very small part of what the Parish Council does.  Councillors will meet in small groups throughout the month to discuss topical issues within the parish, and more importantly how the Parish Council can influence its partners to carry out work, or consider financing works themselves.  No decisions can be made at these meetings, but they are invaluable for research and investigation of issues prior to the Council making a decision at its monthly meeting, which the Clerk will then implement.


Contact Details for the Parish Council can be found here:

Photo Name Role Telephone Email
 Alan Pfleger

Chairman, Parish Council

Ex-Officio on all Working Groups


01793 772192 /
07765 408664
Dean Cobb

Vice Chairman, Parish Council

Highways WG

Open Spaces WG




Andre Kayani

Planning WG

Open Spaces WG

01793 778170 
Vernon Montgomery

Open Spaces WG

Highways WG
07866 589293
Richard Selwood

Finance & Admin WG

 Open Spaces WG

Neighbourhood Plan Rep

07754 325480 
Mike Sharp

Chairman, Finance & Admin WG

Comms WG   Parish Hall Rep

Chairman, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Area Board Rep

01793 679907 
/ImageHandler.ashx?ImageUid=1712bc26-a966-408c-82f8-64a38b455ec8 Phil Shepherd

Chairman, Highways WG

Open Spaces WG

Finance & Admin WG

Community Area Transport Group Rep




Jim Stubbs


 Co-opted June 2019 07758 942525  


  There are currently four vacant positions

on the council.

    If you are interested in becoming

a Parish Councillor,

please download the

 co-option form.

  Click here to download a co-option form
Deborah Bourne

 Parish Clerk / RFO

Lydiard Millicent Parish Council's only paid employee





*WG – Working Group *RFO – Responsible Financial Officer