Parishioners Question Time March 2018

Parish Council Meeting, 8th March 2018

Residents, and others, raised the following points in the public question time at this month’s Parish Council meeting—

Why don’t the draft minutes from the previous meeting refer to a resident’s question?

The clerk replied that the minutes must stand alone as a legal document. They are not the place to record the discussion of residents’ issues. The meeting agreed that a separate report of residents’ questions and answers could be prepared and published on the Council’s website.

Could the Council do something about the lack of pavement in Greatfield? Residents are very concerned about speeding and road safety on this stretch of road.

The Chair of Highways Working Group explained that the group had considered this issue previously. Ultimately, it is Wiltshire Council’s responsibility to provide pavements where appropriate. However, he believed the existing lines on the edge of the road were most probably not a virtual pavement. They were more likely to be there to indicate the extent of the roadway for Wiltshire Council’s liability. Creating a pavement would, therefore, require residents to give up part of their gardens or the loss of parking spaces on the other side of the road.

(Anecdotally, it appears a single white line may be used to mark the edge of a two-lane road in a rural area where there is no street lighting. These are sometimes called fog lines and are there to tell drivers where the edge of the road is. Sometimes they are painted quite far away from the verge or kerb, giving the impression that the road is less wide than it really is. The theory is that this has a natural speed calming effect.

The Traffic Signs Manual recommends their use on narrow rural roads where the road is not wide enough to support a central line marking without causing overrunning of the carriageway edge—Ed).

Are residents aware of the Mfor Festival coming to Lydiard Park?

Promoters attended the meeting and said they would keep noise and traffic disruption to a minimum. The event is aimed at families, as well as having live music in the evening. The event is scheduled for 28th July 2018.