Unitary Councillor Report March 2018

Report from Mollie Groom, Unitary Councillor, on Wiltshire Council Matters - 8th March 2018


I will not be attending The March meeting of Lydiard Millicent Parish Council this evening

Items to report are:

- Anne Murphy (Wiltshire Council Enforcement Officer) has visited Lydiard Stud and owners will be required to put down 15 metres of tarmac which was a condition of the planning application.

- Bill (Parks, Wilshire Council Highways Engineer) will be visiting within two weeks to see worse potholes and edges of roads.  Dean (Cobb, Lydiard Millicent Parish Councillor) is hoping to attend as well.  You will be welcome if you feel so inclined.  I understand the Streetscene team will inspect our C roads and make a full report of work to be done.

- I have suggested to Wiltshire Council that the cost of making good our C roads should be passed on to Highways England and SBC.

CATG (Community Area Transport Group) last evening, as Dean (Cobb) will report, was interesting to say the least.  Lydiard Millicent which with Royal Wootton Bassett was at the bottom of the list, was not afforded the time which other parishes higher up the list had enjoyed.  

Very good meeting of Health Select this week.  After reading and digesting the 132 page agenda report pack, the various experts clarified any points we raised.  It was good to learn that the Hospital to home Journey is being streamlined for the elderly.  Briefly, for reasons of economy and patient confidence, as much as possible is being arranged locally.

I have not heard anything from Allison re your excellent suggestion for next summer.  I will remind her if nothing transpires because Lyneham and Purton do figure largely on receiving benefits.


Kind regards