Public Question Time April meeting

Parish Council Meeting, 5 April 2018
Residents raised the following points in the public question time at this month’s Parish Council meeting:

Wasn’t it agreed at the last meeting that the Council would publish a summary of parishioners’ questions and answers?
Yes, this had been following the last meeting and was available on the Council’s website.
Note: Residents can access the Q & A by clicking on the Meetings menu bar and then 2018 Meeting and Agenda in the drop-down menu. It is filed with the copy of the minutes and agenda.

Why doesn’t the Council keep the noticeboard in Greatfield up-to-date? Why couldn’t the Council post notices there?
The Clerk replied that the location of the noticeboard was dangerous, and she could not put notices up there.
The Council is reviewing the location of noticeboards. In the meantime, parishioners could continue to access information through the website.

What is happening to the trees that are being cut down in the Butts?
This relates to application 18/02925/TCA notice of works to trees at the Vicarage. Councillor Hill Wheeler explained that, whilst in favour of preserving trees where ever possible, the trees in question were very close to the house. Root damaged appeared to be a problem, others were diseased. The works appeared necessary, and a qualified tree surgeon was involved.
However, the resident wanted to know what was being done with the wood as it could be used for firewood and kindling.
The Chairman explained that the Council did not own the trees, and its remit was only to comment on the application if appropriate. As the works were in the vicarage garden, he suggested contacting the Church or Diocesan office if he was interested in the wood.

Neighbourhood Plan Update
A resident thanked the Council for the recent neighbourhood plan exhibition. He said it was excellently presented, and very well attended.
Councillor Sharp acknowledged this and said it was good to get positive feedback. The event had been well received.